February 24, 2016

Back in the Saddle & Making Tracks

Back to building turnouts for China Basin.  I decided to continue to use a very tight arrangement of turnouts with the points being close to the adjacent turnout.  Track spacing in the yard will be 1.125", as I have lots of convenient Free-moN spacing fixtures.  The prototype spacing is 14', which works out to 1.05".

Keeping the throat compact is important to maximize the capacity of of each track.  My goal is to keep the railcars for more than one float in this portion of the yard.  I need nearly 38" of track to hold a reasonable number of 40' boxcars.  Here is the experiment that drove this home— only 8-10 40' cars fit on a single piece of ME Flex, and that doesn't include necessary clearance to avoid fouling switches.

After debating a bunch of new techniques for throwbar mechanisms, I settled upon using the heavier Clover House PCB stock to provide more surface area for silver-soldered points.  Control of the turnouts will be through the use of SPDT slide switches.