September 29, 2016

a bit too blue

Getting the plywood down inspired me to put down some paint…  but the the first pass looks a tad too "tropical":

Well, at least I know that the next layer of paint will need to have a bunch more green and maybe some brown gunk mixed in.

September 28, 2016

Benchwork Update for the ATSF Ferry Slip

Finally had some spare time over the weekend to add the plywood top to the aluminum framework.  My nephew was helpful and used a 3D printer to fabricate brackets, while another friend was kind enough to let me use his table saw to cut the top.

Benchwork construction began with 20mm x 40mm extruded aluminum.

First step was to cut the t-slot extrusion to length (yes, we moved everything out of the way before we turned on the saw):

Next came some of the "erector set" pieces to join the cut strut into a frame:

But even more important than anything else, the module frame is "Rule 0" compliant, so it will actually be available for use in a setup:

Here is a view of the underside— those blue components are secured to the sides of the module frame, and allow the top to be fastened from below: